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Are you dealing with legal troubles? Maybe you were caught driving under the influence or you slipped and fell at a supermarket. Attorney Jason Barrix and the team at Barrix Law Firm can help. Jason Barrix is a personal injury and traffic violation attorney serving Grand Rapids, MI.

Attorney Barrix has been practicing law for 25 years and works with three other attorneys at the firm. Attorney Barrix is well-versed in Michigan law. He can evaluate your case and present the likely consequences. You can trust him and his team to do their best to minimize consequences and maximize compensation. Discuss your case with Attorney Barrix today.

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Attorney Barrix and his team have a wealth of combined legal experience. They take pride in providing honest advice and smart representation. At Barrix Law Firm, you’ll find qualified:

Personal injury attorneys

The team will go up against irresponsible store owners and drivers for the compensation you deserve.

Auto accident attorneys

The team will help you get the funds you need to cover medical bills and car repairs.

Drunk driving attorneys

The team will work hard to minimize the charges or consequences of a drunk driving incident.

License restoration attorneys

The team will guide you through the process of getting your license back after a felony traffic offense.

You don’t have to face the legal system alone. Hire Attorney Barrix and his team now to take over your case to increase your chances of a positive result.

Don’t Let a DUI Derail Your Life

Attorney Barrix offers DUI representation

Choose the Barrix Law Firm for sound legal counsel

Choose the Barrix Law Firm for sound legal counsel

When you choose the Barrix Law Firm for a personal injury or traffic violation attorney in Grand Rapids, MI, you can expect individualized legal assistance. We’ll look over your case and develop a smart plan of action. You’ll appreciate the honest advice and aggressive representation you’ll get at the Barrix Law Firm.

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